Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! In the midst of all the changes in my life recently, I almost forgot that today is for love. Remembering made me smile. I have always looked forward to February 14th, even as a single lady. Any excuse to honour those we care for in either a romantic, family or friendship sense should be celebrated. I am going to have a quiet dinner with the Observer at one of our favourite Italian restaurants. We often go in warmer weather, so it's been a while since we've visited. Outside is cold, but not freezing, so the trip there should be okay. My parents are celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary today. They say it was a coincidence that they married on Valentine's Day, but I'm not so sure. They usually celebrate shortly after the 14th, because restaurants are so busy. They were talking about seeing The Sound Of Music. I think they would enjoy the show.

Yesterday I met the Observer at his favourite Toronto mall. He loves going there because there are many stores, restaurants and a movie theater. To me, a mall is a mall. We had sandwiches for dinner and caught up over coffee, which is always fun. He treated me to a butter pecan coffee. Yum... It smells amazing. The Observer tried a sip, which impressed me as he is not a usual coffee drinker. He didn't like it, but at least he tried it. Our coffee server was a very sweet, helpful guy who was worried I would burn myself if I carried my coffee. I respect people who are kind and care about others like himself.

Seeing the Observer made my not-so-great day better. I love him. Drinking coffee is heaven to me and having his company like himself reminds me that life, though it isn't always fair, is pretty sweet. Enjoy your day. Show some love.