Sunday, February 01, 2009

In the name of mittens...

Why do I dread winter? Why bother complaining? It comes whether we are ready or not. We need the seasons to change. Without winter, our climate would be unbalanced. I like going home to my parents and sitting in front of a crackling fire. Maybe one day I'll have a fireplace.

This winter I have been much better about wearing my mittens. In the past, I couldn't be bothered to wear them unless it was freezing outside, but after having frozen fingers and feeling the painful thawing out a few two many times, I realize mittens are useful. Plus, they look cute and add a dash of colour to our coats if we wish. I need help putting on my mittens and have found that security guards or anyone working with the public is more than happy to help me. I used to think I was bothering people, but now I realize that a girl has got to be warm. I think I'm becoming more outspoken. People have described me as "fragile" or "dainty." These adjectives don't particularly appeal to me. I'm just short and young looking, but I can hold my own. Sometimes people look surprised if I push my way through a line-up ensuring my place or if I double check a price. It's as though they don't expect me to speak up. It's weird. They soon find out that I have a voice and I will use it. We all deserve to wear mittens if we need them. There are good things about the cold - like learning that there's nothing wrong with speaking up for warm hands.


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