Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let us eat cake...

This morning my mind was all over the place. I couldn't decide where to go or what to do. I kept changing my mind about going to the grocery store. I left my apartment and came back two seconds later only to ponder for another few minutes and leave AGAIN. Sometimes I waste more time trying to save time. The Observer and I went out to dinner last night. I had to pick-up a gift for my sister, so while I shopped, he went to the movies. After getting some help from a employee to browse through the sale rack, I decided on a pink dress shirt. I'm not sure if it's my sister's style, but there is a receipt if she wants to return it. The whole time that I was in the store deciding on my sister's gift, I kept worrying that the Observer was waiting and wondering where I was. Luckily, we met up shortly after his movie ended and I had my sister's gift.

Our original plan was to go back to our favourite Italian restaurant. Our delicious Valentines Day dinner last week had us both craving their authentic food and romantic atmosphere. Once we both get a hankering for food, it's hard to shake. The weather wasn't on our side. Hearing about snow coming our way, I thought it would be smart to make reservations at a closer restaurant near the movie theater and mall. I'm glad we did. We were a bit late getting to the restaurant, but they held our table. The place was packed, so we got lucky. Being so busy, our food didn't come for a while, which gave the Observer and I time to chat. Though seeing a movie would have been fun, sometimes I don't mind hearing a critique from the Observer. Our waiter was running off his feet. He apologized for the slow service. I liked him after that. The Observer had a cheesy garlic bread starter, pasta with chicken, and chocolate cake. He enjoyed the pasta and cake, but the starter was a disappointment. I had pasta with tomato sauce (loaded with Tabasco) and a sundae. The pasta was yummy, especially with all the hot sauce. My palate accustomed to heat now. The sundae cooled my mouth off, so my dinner tasted balanced.

My jeans are tight today. I'm not surprised. My wider girth bothers me, but I am determined not to let it ruin my day. My family is celebrating my sister's birthday tonight. I am looking forward to going home. My brothers will probably tease me about "putting on the pounds". It's OK. I know they love me regardless of my weight, so I will enjoy the occasion - cake included. If there's cake, why not eat it? I will eat healthier this week, but my sister only gets one birthday cake.


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