Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nothing says loving like...

The Observer spoiled me yesterday. As always, he went way overboard with gifts. We spent the afternoon talking and listening to tunes. It was simple and sweet. One of my gifts was the He's Just Not That Into You Soundtrack. The album is a mix of mellow, eighties tunes. It's a happy CD. There is one song by James Morrison called You Make It Real To Me. The second I heard it, I loved it. The Observer put the track on repeat, so after a few plays, he must have been sick of hearing about "making it real". I gave him a classic white dress shirt with black strips. Hopefully it fits. He's not a big clothes lover, but I buy him a shirt once a year. Selfishly, I feel proud when the Observer looks good wearing something I picked out for him.

Our dinner at a favourite Italian eatery was romantic. The music was jazzy, soft and sweet. We were seated in secluded room with only a few couples around us. I liked our spot. Thankfully, the restaurant always serves a big loaf of soft, crusty bread before our meal, because the Observer was starving. I had eaten a big lunch knowing that, when I'm hungry, it's not easy to be around me. I enjoyed watching the other customers order the Valentines Day special, a prefixed multiple course gourmet meal. Eavesdropping on conversations was fun. I ordered gourmet thin crust pizza with hot peppers, pineapple, and mushrooms. I couldn't believe how big the pizza was. I ate every bite. The Observer ordered gnocchi and loved it too. For dessert, I had vanilla ice cream and the Observer had molten lava chocolate cake. I was stuffed, but very satisfied. Leaving the restaurant, my stomach began acting up. I had a very hard time driving my wheelchair home. I was bursting to answer the call of nature. The Observer was very patient and sweet. He encouraged me and waited even though I know he was freezing. I was so slow due in part to my wheelchair not working at one hundred percent, the freezing weather and feeling like I was going to explode. When the Observer and I get through tough times, my faith in us is strengthened. Finally getting home, I relieved myself and the Observer and I were laughing over the smell I produced. No one smells like roses in the process of answering nature.

There were many great moments yesterday that made me laugh and feel loved. I think the Observer summed it up best when he said, "Nothing says loving like the smell of your ____________.

Thank you for a wonderful day Observer.