Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sleepless, buzzed, and bulgy...

Before going to bed last night, I drank a cup of berry flavoured back tea. I had a hankering for it. I ought to have known better. Tea has caffeine just like coffee. It was 4 a.m. before I fell asleep. My head was buzzing. When I'm like that, forget sleeping. My past-time for insomnia is watching TV. I did a lot of that. Oddly though, I can't remember what I watched very well. I remember seeing the finale of Top Chef. I wanted the sole female chef to win, but no such luck. There aren't enough female professional chefs. I was watching Iron Chef when my eyes started feeling heavy. The secret ingredient of the battle was organ meat which grossed me out and intrigued me at the same time. To my knowledge, I've never eaten any type of organ meat, but if I have, I'm glad I don't know about it. My brother in law told me that squirrel meat is gaining popularity in British restaurants. The notion turns my stomach, but I guess I shouldn't knock something until I've tried it.

For Christmas, Mom bought me a new pillow. It's been sitting in my room for a few months. Yesterday I used it for the first time. The thing is huge. It's the thickness of three of my pillows. I'm a two-pillow-a-night user. One is used to cushion my head and neck while the other goes between my legs. I knew if I used Titanic pillow for my head, I'd have a major stiff neck in the morning, so it went between my legs. Looking at me lying there, you'd think I had the genitalia of an elephant, because there was such a big bulge poking from under my covers. I wasn't too uncomfortable, but sleeping with my new pillow did feel different. I have to work it in sometime, so I might as well do it now. After some good use, the pillow should sink down. I learned last night that not everything that is new works perfectly from the start. Some things in life need time - whether it's waiting for caffeine to wear off or pillows to be broken in. While we wait, it's a good thing there is enterainment like TV and that it's possible to see the humour in life. After all, when will I ever look like I have elephant genitalia again?


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I hope u sleep better tonight.