Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sleepless on a family focused weekend...

I am hungry. I think. My legs feel a bit shaky. Maybe it's because I haven't been sleeping well. I am in a sleeping funk. It's frustrating. Eventually, we all get so tired that sleep has to come. The library is a bit warm. I suppose it's warm because our cold snap is least for now.

I am going home today. I am looking forward to seeing my family and relaxing. There really is no place like home. Classic movie lines are famous because they ring true to life. My sights are set on getting a good sleep. I am visiting my sister's new house today. She is so excited. I am happy for her. I need to pick her up a plant this afternoon. In winter, they have a habit of freezing in the cold temperatures. Hopefully my chosen plant will survive.

Tomorrow is the Observer's birthday lunch with his family. I miss him today, but at least when I see him tomorrow, I'll be well rested. The Grammy awards are on TV, so we will probably watch them. The Observer is a big of movie and music award shows. They are entertaining. I think the appeal of such shows is because they are on occasionally. Birthdays are similar. They only come around once a year, so we best celebrate as we want to. Each of us has a different idea of what a fun celebration means. The Observer enjoys lots of guests, food, music, and alcohol. I like smaller, quieter, more family-orientated events. The Observer gets to experience both kinds of celebrations, so he's lucky. I'm lucky that I am invited to attend both special days. There won't be as many people as last night's party, but they are family, so each is a very important person.

Happy (almost) Birthday Observer! I hope you are enjoying your birthday weekend.