Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stuck and saved...

If there's one lesson that I have learned in the last three days, it's that we never know what each day will bring, especially when we are dependant on technology or equipment to function.

I awoke on Tuesday morning with big plans to go to an important doctor's appointment close to the Observer's old stomping grounds. I had rides booked in different regions and got up earlier than usual to make it. After showering and dressing, my attendant informed me that my wheelchair wasn't moving. Being an optimistic, I told myself she probably had to move it a few more times with different maneuvers. Not so. The thing wasn't going to budge. I was stuck with no way of moving. I only have one electric wheelchair. Calling the repair company, I tried to plead my case, saying I was stuck. I didn't get much sympathy. I was told the technicians were swamped. I wanted to say, "How would you like being stuck in one spot?" I didn't. Sometimes I think it's best to stay quiet.

Realizing my predicament and knowing that my wheelchair needed to get into the shop sooner than later, Mom and Dad picked myself and my wheelchair up. Bless their beautiful hearts. I thanked them a hundred times until I know they got sick of hearing me. I spent the last day or so hanging out with my Mom and reading Marley And Me. Though I would have preferred to be visiting by choice rather than out of necessity, everything turned out well. Any time I spend with my family is special. I have my wheelchair and freedom back, so life is good. The experience showed me that sometimes all we can do is accept what comes our way and be grateful for each day. Marley And Me is about a fun-loving, energetic dog who enjoys every bit of life. I don't think it's an accident that I picked up that book when I did.


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I am just glad ur safe