Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday's trails...

I slept in today. My morning was pretty quiet. I saw attendants who I wished I didn't, but it was ok. I was polite, even though I was frustrated. Why be rude? What does that accomplish besides causing me to feel bad afterwards? I am getting tired of being smack dab in the middle of a political battle that has very little to do with me and is all about rules. As I do every day, I talked to the manager. He told me that every one has a time where the heat comes in their direction. Now just happens to be my turn. He's right. I'm ready for someone else to have a turn.

I saw my building superintended tonight. We stopped to chat for a while. She is very sweet. Being around her reminds me of being home. It's safe and comfortable. She told me that I'm young and the world is at my feet. It is. I only wish I didn't have to step on so many roads to find the right path. Maybe finding our way must involve getting caught in the bushes a few times. Today feels like there are shrubs in my face, but I'll push them away.


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god would not have put you on this path if he did not think you could handle this. I'M ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE.