Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend rewind...

It's an above seasonal Monday. The weather is beautiful. I didn't go out much today. Mondays fly by because i sleep in. I spoke with the manager about my transferring issues. He seemed to understand, but I don't know how much he can do. Rules are rules, which sucks. He is on my side at least, but I think his hands are tied. I would never want to be a manager. It would be far too easy to get caught in between battles when one needs to be neutral. The manager is a friendly, kind person, so I wish I didn't have to make waves, but sometimes we have no choice. He knows I'm frustrated at the situation - not him, so I'm glad. The world is too big to focus on one small issue and let it ruin a day, but it's tempting. One rule can impact my entire well-being.

My sister's new house is a beautiful....mess. I left out the "mess" part when she asked my opinion. Boxes, furniture, wrapping, books, lamps and equipment was everywhere. My family looked so tired when I visited them. They have been busy lifting, unpacking, organizing and cleaning. I brought my sister a plant in a funky looking pot. I don't know what kind of plant I picked; I liked the pot. My sister sad it will grown big and beautiful. I hope so. She put the flower on her mantle. Maybe she'll look at it and think of the day she and her soon-to-be husband moved in.

The Observer's dinner was fun. I hope he enjoyed the meal and company. We had yummy cannelloni, chicken, salad, fruit and a delicious peanut butter and chocolate cake. The Observer LOVES anything with peanut butter and chocolate. His mom is a baking suprema. She did not disappoint with yesterday's dessert. Sadly, she was not herself, as she had been up sick the night before. Even under the weather, she is friendly, funny and as sweet as her baking. The Observer's niece added her usual sparkle to the day. She reminds me to enjoy life. The Observer's godparents stopped by for dessert. He was so happy to see them, which made me happy.

After company left, we watched the Grammys. The performers were entertaining. I had to leave before most of the awards were presented. Sitting there with the Observer was relaxing. My favourite past-times involve him and I and our families. We both love our families equally, and I suppose that's why we mesh so well. Tomorrow the Observer will officially be thirty-two-years-old. I hope life is as good to him this year as he is to life.

Be happy Observer.


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