Saturday, March 14, 2009

Half a dozen, bagels, friendship and faith...

It's a sunny Saturday. I am feeling rested. I was exhausted when I got home from Union Station. The place was packed. Being Friday, I guess travellers were anxious to get out of the city. Before meeting my friend, I went back to the St. Lawrence Market to pick up bread for my family. There is a little kiosk that sells bread and bagels that Mom and Dad love. On Wednesday, they only had a half a dozen of whole wheat and multi grain bread and bagels left, so I wanted to go back and buy more. I learned that there is a reason shoppers head to the market early. Again, the kiosk only had a combination of half a dozen whole wheat bagels and bread. I took what was left and picked up some crusty, fresh preservative-free bread. I didn't buy from the same kiosk because I couldn't find it and was short on time. Hopefully my parents will be OK with the bread and bagels I bought. Part of me feels that anything sold at the market is healthy because it's fresh and less processed, but maybe I am wrong.

Rushing to get to my bus, I had to ask a sweet looking couple the way out. They had the same kind faces my parents do. I looked at them and missed Mom and Dad. Thanking the couple for their help, I felt lucky to have met them and wanted to say so. As I went on my way, they told me to "Keep warm and be safe." That's something my parents would say to someone they met on the street.

I was a little late getting to Union Station. My friend is always early for all the plans we make. It's just her way. I asked her how long she had been waiting. She told me half an hour, but I think it was longer. We chatted in the arrival area and watched people make their way from the trains to the street. Our ritual is to eat vegetarian sandwiches and have coffee. Union Station Second Cup often sells butter pecan flavoured coffee. It's my favourite flavoured coffee and is hard to find. I was in luck yesterday. Finding a place to sit is challenging.The train station is for moving not hanging out. A few weeks ago, we found an area with tables, which was a sweet score. I told my friend to hold our table while I checked out which coffees were available. Once I saw butter pecan, I got excited and bought my coffee. As soon as I had it in my possession, I knocked the cup and it spattered everywhere. The shop was kind and didn't charge me for another coffee. Sensing trouble, my friend came to see if I was OK. Both her and the Observer have a strong sense of when I need help. They often know I need help before I do. I can't think of a better quality for my loved ones to have. Hopefully I know them as well as they know me.

My stomach is being very stubborn. It won't cooperate. I am loaded up on laxatives, so I hope they work soon. This morning I asked my attendant to pray that my intestines listen to their cues soon. Praying for a bowel movement sounds strange but I am getting desperate. Her prayer was clear, focused and heart-felt. I couldn't have prayed with such conviction if I tried. I'm glad I called on her faith. She was happy to help. When medicine and health are involved, we can't force things to happen,even if we try. Sometimes all we have is faith. My prayer will hopefully result in a plugged toilet. It's a minor household issue that makes me proud.


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Butter pecan doesn't do much for my stomach either.