Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hallow pits on St. Patrick's Day...

There are pigeons building a nest on my apartment balcony. The birds get busy every spring. Pigeons are cute and all, but they are also REALLY messy. Their droppings make a big, gross mess and it's supposed to be really toxic to humans. That's not cool. I need to tell my superintendent before there are little pigeons everywhere. I better do something about their nest soon. Looking out my window last week, I noticed a brown pigeons holding a little tree branch, so I had a feeling they were nesting. Every living creature deserves a home, but not on my balcony.

The weather is gorgeous today. It's sunny and warm. People are wearing spring coats. I'm wearing my pink vest and a green shirt in honour of St. Patrick's Day. The streets didn't appear any "greener" than usual, but it's still early. Serious drinking is for the evening.

I am off to buy a hairbrush. The one I have does little to untangle my thick mass of hair. It does brush, but not work out the knots. I need a top-of-the-line brush to really straighten my head out. Actually, people have been trying to "straighten me out" for years with no luck. It's unlikely a brush will do it, but it's worth a try....

My arm-pits are oddly deep. They are concave and hallo. Lots of people comment on how deep they are. After doing research, I learned that my armpits are deep because I don't move my arms the same way most do. I must use my arms differently because of my disability. I want them to look more natural, to be higher and more muscular. To make this happen, I need to make a conscious effort to stretch and tone my arms every day. Upon discussing my plan with an attendant, I lifted my arm and sang, "I am woman, I am strong." It was funny. I am determined to normalize my armpits. I am not be straight in the head, but at least I will have a solid hairbrush and can work on straitening my armpits.



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what a post I Love that I learn something every post.