Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home for a tune-up...

Well, it's deceptively cold again. Maybe mother nature is making sure that we really want winter to be over. I haven't been able to warm up since yesterday. There's been a chill in my bones. I had an appointment in the afternoon that was worthwhile. My bus connections worked well, which is always a bonus. After my appointment I met the Observer at a mall near his work. It's been a while since I have visited that mall, so it was a refreshing change. Seeing the Observer was fun. I think he is getting a cold. He looks tired and he has been sneezing. Hopefully I am wrong. Once I got to my parents' house, we watched Dancing With The Stars. It's Mom's favourite show. Being the first time I watched an episode, most of the contenders are new to me, except Denise Richards and Jewel's husband, Ty. Denise is no natural dancer, but Ty had flare. I enjoyed watching Dancing With The Stars with Mom.

This morning I had a pelvic ultrasound. If you've had one, you know that drinking eight glasses of water is a prerequisite. Luckily I have a bladder of steal and held all the water with no trouble. I appreciated Mom being there to help me get on and off the exam table. Most women know the drill with pelvic ultrasounds.

Mom and I went to our favourite local restaurant for salads at lunch. My standard order is warm chicken salad, but today I felt like topping my greens with steak. I'm glad I did, as my body seemed to crave beef. I rarely eat steak, but when a craving hits, I honour it.

After lunch, Mom took me to the eye doctor for a check-up and a prescription for a new pair of glasses. My vision has changed slightly. The glasses I have now are so badly scratched I could barely see out of one eye. I guess I'm getting more subdued, because I couldn't be bothered to fix them for a while. I ordered a new pair of glasses that are similar to the ones I have, but are slightly more fitted. I'm happy with my choice and can't wait to see the world clearly out of both eyes.

I was sad to leave home because I had such a pleasant time with Mom. Hopefully all the running around didn't tire her out too much. I told her that she ages like an apple. She stays shiny and smooth with time. Dad, on the other hand, ages like a prune, getting shriveled and wrinkly as the years go by. Genetically, I take after Dad. With all of my intestinal troubles, I guess it only makes sense that I resemble a prune as an old lady. I've eaten many in my day. They say you are what you eat. I think I am in trouble.


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