Monday, March 16, 2009

Home to ponder wedding invitations...

I stayed overnight at my parents' house last night. Mom liked her birthday gifts. I'm glad as she is a tough person to shop for. If Mom wants something, she'll buy it. Her taste is distinctive. Mom knows what she likes. Besides an itunes card from me, Mom got a white, classic nightgown from my sister. It looks like Mom's style. My sister knows Mom's taste a little better than me. My brother gave her a voucher for a manicure and pedicure and my twin got her a gift card to her favourite local restaurant. All in all, Mom scored some pretty top-notch loot. A top-notch lady deserves top notch gifts, I suppose.

On my way home, I had a snippet of time to kill between catching buses, so I picked up a yellow rose for Mom. The girl working at the flower kiosk reminded me of one of the Observer's good friends from work. She had a funky, young, rocker-type edge, but looked innocent at the same time. She helped me pick just the right rose and spent a lot of time ensuring it looked perfect. Only good people make that kind of effort. I said thank you and meant it.

My sister and her fiancee showed my family ideas for their wedding invitations. One looked like a cartoon of a bride and groom. I think they were going for a cute, funny look, but to me, the picture looked hooky. I concealed my dislike, but I think they knew how I felt when I said, "Is this your final decision?" Being a thrifty woman myself, my brother and law to be said I'd approve of the price. I said being economical is important, but we only get married once. The observer thinks most people don't pay much attention to wedding invitations. He's right, but it's not that hard to match two colours, a classic font and compose a short invitation. No graphics are necessary. The invitation looked like a joke. Marriage is no joke. I didn't say much, but my parents knew I wasn't impressed. Mom says their most recent consideration is worse than the picture of the bride and groom....uh oh. I will stay quiet. It's not my wedding, but why did the invitations I say bother me so much? I'm all for being economical, but not for looking cheap. There's a line and when we are talking about the most important day of one's life, it's best not to cross into the land of obvious penny pinching. Who isn't cost conscious when it comes to wedding, but we don't need proof that the price of something motivated you over everything else. I'm cheap, but I don't like people to see proof that I am.

Today I chatted with Mom over coffee and loads of snacks. I have missed her. I told her that, if I ever have to chose an inviation for an important event, I hope she will tell me if it looks silly in a hooky sense. She said yes. I believe her. The lady's got style. So does my sister, but where is it now?


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