Sunday, March 29, 2009

An hour...

The rain came. Looking outside watching the droplets hit my balcony ledge is pretty. Rain is calming as long as one is not stuck in it. There were lots of police cars, fire trucks and emergency vehicles with their sirens on this morning. Wet roads cause accidents. Hopefully nothing serious happened. Talking to Dad on the phone this morning, he could hear the sirens in the background and said, "They're coming to get you." I smiled and said, "They come to get someone every twenty minutes around here."

The Observer came to visit me yesterday. He wanted to check his bank information, so we headed to the mall. Somehow we mis-communicated and both ended up at two different machines. Living in such a convenient area is wonderful. Bank machines, drugstores and coffee shops are everywhere. Whatever I need, I can easily acquire. However, there are disadvantages to being surrounded by great abundance. Yesterday I knew the Observer wanted to use an ATM machine affiliated with his bank. I found one and assumed he was there. Little did I know, there are a few of the same machines and he was at a different one. We spent a good amount of time searching for each other before getting in touch on our cell phones and agreeing to meet at home. As a free spirit, getting side-tracked or lost doesn't bother me. I often find new places to hang out this way. However, when getting lost involves losing another person, I get anxious because I know whoever I am with is probably anxious too. The Observer did look worried when I saw him back at my apartment, but we found one another which is what matters.

Over dinner, the Observer and I had a heart-to-heart talk about where our relationship is headed. We agreed that we love each other and our best friends. We agreed to drop the topic of marriage. We didn't really come to any conclusions, but I think communicating is always wise. The Observer listens well. He hears what I say. Maybe one day he will have a wife and children. I hope that, if this is how the future turns out, I can still be in his life and get to see the family he builds. The Observer is my soul mate and I can't imagine not having him in my life somehow. I want him to make his dreams of having a family a reality, even though I don't share the same dream. The most basic meaning of love in my opinion is wanting another person to be happy.

The Observer got hungry later in the evening so we went to the Pickle Barrel. Being the weekend, there was a big line-up but the hostesses recognized us as regular customers and gave us priority seating. Getting around town has its pay-offs. All of Toronto was said to participate in "Earth Hour" an hour to turn off all lights and non-essential technology to perserve electricity. The idea of the city in darkness intrigued me. I love candles and find a bit of darkness comforting. I thought the restaurant would be operating by candlelight. I would have loved that. They only flicked the lights off right at the start of Earth Hour for a few minutes. I was disappointed but seeing the Observer's big, shinny, bald head glowing in red lightening made me laugh. I forgot about the restaurant's lack of participation in the Earth Hour and smiled. No one has a head like the Observer. Even in the dark, he shines.


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