Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Love vesus like...

I am reading Marley and Me very slowly. It's a good book, but I guess I'm taking my time. Having seen the movie, there will be no big surprises. The book is better than the movie. It's funnier, more detailed and realistic. I've been reading Marley and Me for about three weeks. On average, i take about a week to finish a really good book. I like dogs a great deal, but I don't go crazy for pets like the rest of my family. Maybe that's why I'm not going crazy for Marley and Me. I like the book, but I don't LOVE it.

I had coffee at Starbucks with a friend yesterday. The conversation was good; the coffee was great. My friend is a bit younger than me. She's sweet, funny, down-to-earth and trying to sort life out. There is a chance that she might be moving into my apartment building, which would be cool. My friend wouldn't be clingy and we both like our space, so it would work. Nothing is decided; I have a hunch. Another friend applied for the same apartment. This friend is cool, but we're not all that close. Having her live nearby would be alright, but I would like it better if the friend I saw yesterday moved in. I like one friend and REALLY like the other friend, but it's not up to me.

I am thinking of going back to Starbucks soon. The coffee yesterday was so good. I feel like another one today. I was thinking of going to Tim Hortons just for variety, but I like their coffee, whereas yesterday I loved the one I had from Starbucks.

Last night I felt bored and lonely. My phone was pretty quiet. I watched the Canadian comedy show Corner Gas. It was OK. I did laugh a few times, but I probably wouldn't choose to watch it again.

Well, today seems to have me thinking of people, shows, and coffee I like versus love. There is a definate line, but everything and everyone has a place in life. Coffee has a big place in my life. Each cup is good, so I can't be too hard to please.


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