Thursday, March 05, 2009

Luck at the grocery store...

I need a third big, steaming cup of coffee. My head is fuzzy. It's warmer today. People say they are sick of winter, but this time last year we were having big snowstorms. If we think about last year, we really can't complain. It's been a cold winter, but we haven't been hit with the same wallop of snow. Being a wheelchair user, snow can be hard to navigate, so I'd rather it be cold.

yesterday i bought lettuce, apples and TTC tickets. I need help getting my groceries from the clerk. She was very sweet and helpful. Later that night, as I went through my bills, I realized that she forgot to charge me for the bus tickets. It was an honest mistake. Do I go back to the store and tell her or be thankful for my stroke of luck? I'll feel awkward going back, but it's not my mistake, right? I didn't realize until much later. Had I known at the time, I would have corrected her on the spot.

I was supposed to visit a friend and go and watch some Thursday night prime time TV, but my stomach has been a bit queasy. On these days, it's wise not to venture too far from home. I had a massive wave of nausea after my coffee this morning. Sometimes it's a side effect from my pills. Thankfully, after half an hour, I was feeling like myself. Some people aren't so lucky and spend the whole day feeling under the weather. I have had two days of good luck. My salad at dinner last night tasted extra crispy and the apple I had for dessert was very refreshing. Perhaps they were so delicious because purchasing them gave me ten free trips around town. How do you like them apples???


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