Monday, March 23, 2009

Missing mittens...

My hands are thawing out. This morning I made a silly decision not to wear mittens. I didn't think it was that cold. I was wrong. Early mornings are usually the coldest times of the day. I should have known. My hands turned red very quickly. It's been a while since they've been so chilly. I smartened up for most of the winter and asked for help putting on my mittens. Sometimes being assertive matters. I'm learning to speak up as I get older. Numb, red, freezing hands aren't worth it.

The Observer and I saw I Love You Man yesterday. It was funny. There are a whole group of popular comedies with the same type of cast and plot.. The movie is about a newly engaged guy who lacks friends and needs to find some before his wedding. The idea of two guys hanging out and NOT being gay comes up often. It's an issue our diverse society seems to struggle with. I left the movie reminded that we all need friends of the same gender, because it's important to be able to relate to someone on an easy, peer-like level to relieve stress and find things in common. I Love You Man was light-hearted and made me smile. The Observer often tells friends he loves them. He's affectionate and very open with his feelings. When he tells a friend of ours he loves him, our friend says, "I love you too buddy, in a manly sort of way." Maybe they should start saying, "I love you man."

Lately, I've been exhausted. My sleep has been deep. I was drained yesterday and very hungry. During the movie, the Observer worked hard to retrieve crackers from my backpack. After he got them out, I dropped them on the floor. He must have wanted to scream, but thankfully they weren't open. Since the Observer worked so hard to pass me my crackers, I felt compelled to eat them all. I was full, but appreciated his help. My body is demanding attention. I am going home to visit my family today. The loaf of bread I bought is with me, so at least I'm not so tired that I forgot it in the freezer. I did overlook mittens, but who gets everything right all the time?


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