Friday, March 13, 2009

A stubborn chill...

I am freezing. My hands feel icy and my skin has a funky purple tinge. Outside is cold again. The sun is shinning, so you wouldn't know how cold it is unless you're out. I went to bed wearing a short-sleeved pajama top and long bottoms, which was probably my mistake. Sleeping was allusive. Our bodies must have a hard time relaxing when we're cold. I watched Party Of Five, Scrubs and Frasier in syndication and a bit of the food network into the wee hours of the morning. My bedroom TV sure breaks up the night.

I have to pick-up more bagels for my family at the St. Lawrence Market today. There were only six pumpernickel left the other day. Mom told me that Dad takes two for his lunch, so he must be just about out. Hopefully it's not going to be too cold of a trek. My mittens are coming back into use. I wish I didn't need them, but at least the latter half of winter is over.

Tonight I am meeting a friend at Union Station. I'm looking forward to seeing her. Union Station is always a fun, exciting place, especially with her around to keep me company. Only close, chatting friends could find joy in sitting at a train station for hours.

The Observer's parents come home from Italy today. He dreaded them leaving, but has done well flying solo. I am proud of him. I hope he knows just how independent he can be when he must be. The Observer's extended family really stepped up by cooking, visiting, cleaning and being helpful. He is a lucky guy.

I am dreading going outside in the cold again. there is still a chill going through my bones. Maybe I am cold because I have less hair. after having it washed and styled this morning, I realize how short it is. I am a bit sad, but I'll get used to my new haircut. Maybe the weather will warm up by the time I do, so I won't miss my long locks as much.


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