Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunshine on a Sunday...

It's a beautiful, bright day. I think it was Easter this time last year. I remember thinking the holiday came pretty early. Easter falls right in the middle of April this year which will feel more like spring. I'm a big Easter fan. Who doesn't love all the speciality Easter eggs? I saw Cadbury Cream eggs at the drugstore today. The gooey, yellow, sticky yolk in the middle is my favourite part because it reminds me of a real egg. What real egg is chocolate? I know it's silly.

Yesterday the Observer came over. We ran a few local errands. I bought some healthy, organic snacks and some bread for my parents. The bread is preservative-free so it is in the freezer until I go home tomorrow. Hopefully I won't forget it's there. In the grocery store, I was beside a woman who couldn't speak English very well. She bought a bunch of bananas, but when the cashier asked if they were hers, she didn't answer. The cashier put the bananas with another customer's groceries until she was corrected. The cashier got upset with the banana buyer, but I don't even know if the woman card. When we don't understand a language, I suppose we have other stresses besides bananas. There's always some type of drama in my grocery store. It's a big city...

Later in the day, the Observer and I decided to go to the mall. We ended up on opposite ends of the street but still heading towards the mall. The Observer was confronted with an eccentric looking street goer who muttered some kind of strange remark. No sooner had the Observer bypassed that person when he found himself face-to-face with the brown-strained rump of a dirty, scummy, homeless dude. Looking over at the Observer on the other end of the street, I couldn't stop laughing at him trying to navigate around the city's craziness. Sometimes we all end up on the wrong side of the tracks.

This morning I headed to the mall. It was quiet. Sunday mornings at the mall are peaceful. I did see two rough looking teenagers of the opposite sex almost duke it out right in the middle of the mall. I was surprised by how brazen the guy was and how unfazed the girl appeared to be by the direct threats. What's up with youth these days? It was a public place where lots of parents were shopping with their kids. I bought an orange hairbrush, two tubes of toothpaste infused with baking soda and conditioner. The trip was productive and cleared my head.

The Observer gave me a copy of U2's newest album No Line On The Horizon. The stuff I've heard is impressive. It's typical, upbeat U2. There's something comforting about their greatness - kind of like the Observer. *Thanks Observer!*

I hope it's sunny in your corner of the world!


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