Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunshine, sausage rolls, and a quiet night...

It's a beautiful day outside. The sun is shinning and the weather is right. Plus, it's Friday and isn't that always a good thing?

I woke up this morning, looked outside and smiled. You know how we just know it'll be a good day before it even starts? Since yesterday turned out a bit crummy, I am especially glad today has been better. The weather is too spring-like not to be outdoors, so I decided to wheel down to the St. Lawrence Market. Last night I went but they were closed. I wanted to buy bagels for Mom and Dad. I couldn't find the kiosk a few weeks ago. Today I realized that it was right in front of me. Part of being human is overlooking what is right in front of us. I don't know why that happens, but it binds everyone and is humbling. Maybe we are used to life being complicated.

The St. Lawrence Market was busy because I stopped by at lunch. Lots of people go for a quick bite. I browsed through the fresh produce, but realized I really didn't need any fruit or vegetables. My eye caught a European themed stand selling homemade pastries. I saw they had sausage rolls and had to buy one. The Observer's Mom makes the best sausage rolls in the world. I wanted to see how these ones stacked up. The one I ate was flaky with little bits of sausage around slightly greasy pastry. The meat wasn't salty, which disappointed me. Since I rarely eat pork or beef, I like it to have strong flavour. The meat was bland, but the pastry was okay. Nothing compares to the sausage rolls made by the Observer's Mom. Hers are more like a fresh, light bun with hunks of salty olives and meat inside. There is no flaky, greasy pastry because a sausage roll ought to taste like a carbohydrate with meat. I'd give the sausage roll I ate today three out of five stars and the Observer's mother's six stars. There is nothing like homemade food made with a mother's love. That said, it's good to taste a little competition. The man who sold me the sausage roll was kind and helpful. I was glad that I gave him a bit of business.

Tonight my plan was to have coffee with a friend close to my apartment. She cancelled not long ago. She was worried that I be mad at her. How can I be? I've had to cancel on her before. Things happen. I am disappointed. It would have been fun, but I am going to read and watch TV instead. I'm slowly getting through The Shack. The beginning was good, but I got a bit bored. Like most people, if I'm really into a novel, I can finish it quickly. The Shack lost me somewhere, but I still want to see how the story ends. Sometimes trudging through a book pays off since the ending can be better than expected. It's a bit similar to persevering through the long, cold winter and being rewarded with great weather like we have today. The sun has to come out eventually regardless of how many storms come before its arrival.


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