Saturday, March 21, 2009

Turning around, Union, and night confusion...

I wanted to go to the St. Lawrence Market yesterday to buy bread and bagels for my family. Half-way there, my hands got too cold and I started to shiver. Many times this winter I have braved the temperatures because I had no other choice. A girl has to travel, right? Knowing that I would be out for a few times before the day was out, I chose to cut my loses and head home. I am glad I did, because I ran into the sweet superintendent in my building. After telling her about the stubborn who have built a nest and now layed an egg, she stopped by and sized up the situation. A company is going to solve the problem. The superintendent stayed and talked for a bit. She made my day. I am so glad decided not to freeze at the St. Lawrence market. I would have missed the chance to visit with my sweet superintendent. She is my neighbour, so I often see her in passing, but we rarely have the chance to exchange anything other pleasantries. Our talk was a great way to start my day. I learned that if we are doubting something, we are doing, changing courses is helpful as there may be a better option waiting.

The superintendent told me that if it were up to her, she'd let the pigeon egg hatch. Seeing a little pigeon family on my balcony every day would be sweet, but they make a mess. Once I allow them to stay, the pigeon family would be back year after year. Is that fair to my building and neighbours? I hate killing a pigeon egg, but what can I do?

Last night I met my friend at Union Station for our ritual chat, vegetarian sandwich and coffee. This week felt like it has been a long one, so chatting felt therapeutic. There's nothing like a good girl talk to put a little perspective on life. The trip to Union was chilly. My extreme ties felt numb from the cold for a bit. The heat must have been on high because I could feel warm air blasting in my face, but because I was so cold, it didn't bother me. I was hungry. As soon as I ate dinner, my mood brightened. Having missed my mid-day coffee, I was feeling groggy from caffeine withdrawal. I must have asked my friend if she was ready for coffee three times. Second Cup was out of butter pecan flavoured coffee, so I opted for hazelnut cream. I enjoyed it.

Every night an attendant comes to help me turn over in bed. Shifting positions is essential for a good sleep and to prevent getting stiff. At four o'clock in the morning, I heard my door open and a short person wearing a hood walked into my bedroom. For a second, I got scared. The attendant who helped me earlier in the evening wasn't wearing a hood. Fear ran through me as my first instinct was that there was now myself and some thug in my bedroom in the middle of the night. I stayed quiet, not knowing what to do. Soon I realized it was my usual attendant but with a hood. The places my mood go at night are puzzling. Telling her of my confusion, we both laughed. She wondered why I didn't say hello. Though I am a bit embarrassed, the incident makes me smile. Anything that can bring humou can't be be bad.


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