Saturday, March 07, 2009

Worthwhile pain...

Well, I finished Marley And Me last night. I cried some more. Anyone who has lost a pet would cry too. Last night the Observer watched The Wrestler while I went to Starbucks and read with a coffee. Sitting at the table, I don't think anyone saw my misty eyes or noticed that I was trying to suppress tears. If someone did, oh well. A girl's got to show some heart now and then, right? I'm not really a public crier, but both the book and movie can sure turn on my tear tap.

Seeing the Observer was awesome. I have missed the guy. We ate a quick dinner. For some odd reason, I have been having cravings for meat. As a self proclaimed carbohydrate queen, this is a surprising change. When it comes to cravings, I've always believed they are our bodies way of saying that we need a certain food. We need to listen. When my hankering for meat came on, I was set to honour it. The Observer and I headed to Wendy's but my urge for a hamburger was rapidly fading. I told the Observer to order his dinner first while I held a table for us. By the time he returned with his meal, I decided I wanted a veggie sub. I can swing from the brown to green side quickly.

My sub was good. I love my sandwich loaded with pickles and hot sauce. Heat is grand when it comes to food. The guy at the shop didn't fool around with my request for lots of peppers and hot sauce. It was one fiery sandwich. After a few bites, my eyes teared up and my mouth became inflammed. I love that feeling. Is that strange? In a twisted way, my need for heat in meals is a bit like owning a pet. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, bunnies and other animals are amazing companions and examples of unconditional love. Unfortunately, no pet lives forever. Every pet lover knows this, but we willingly give away our hearts with the knowledge that we'll face grief one day. It's a price we pay for gaining joy in living creatures. When I load my food with Franks Red Hot Sauce, jalapeno peppers or pepper flakes, I know my eyes and nose will run, I'll cough and my face will turn fire engine red, but it'll never stop me from drenching my food. Some discomfort is worth it. Animals leave us, but what they give us is trumps all heartache. Turning the last page of Marley And Me last night, I noticed my hands were stained red with hot sauce and I wondered if my parents' dog, Riley would have tried to lick my fingers if I had been at home. She's a puppy, so I wouldn't put it past her. She's got lots of time to learn about life. That's the beautiful reality of young pets. Time is usually on their side.

Well, I'm going to hang out with the Observer today and enjoy the sunshine while it's here.




riley loves you she would lick your fingers anytime.


i still feel bad for leaving you