Friday, April 03, 2009

April rain...

It's raining buckets out there. We're getting our fill of April showers. As long as it's not snow, I'm OK. A little rain is kind of refreshing. I am pretty wet, but I will dry. Driving my wheelchair in the pouring rain has never bothered me too much. Moving isn't too challenging - just wet. The beginning of my trip today was kind of fun. The feeling of rain hitting my face is a sensation that I haven't experienced in a few months. Getting soaked is not something I would want to happen every day, but once in a while, it's good for the soul. We have no control over the weather, so we might as well enjoy whatever comes our way.

Yesterday I had a pole installed in my bedroom. Let me be clear - it's not a stripper pole; it's to help me stand and transfer from my bed to wheelchair. My physiotherapist came to try it out with me. He brought a colleague who knows more about the equipment. Just like my physiotherapist, she was soft-spoken and sweet. The pole isn't quite ready to use regularly yet, but it should be helpful once it's all set. My biggest concern was being able to see the TV in my bedroom, because the pole was close to blocking my view. My physiotherapist moved my TV and tested out the view. I could see the screen easily last night. The angle is different, but I will adjust. If the pole allows me more freedom and mobility, a little change is my TV watching positing is worth it.

After my visit with my phsysiotheraphist, I went to Salad Creations, a new salad bar down the street. Customers can customise their salads and choose from about forty menu items. As a promotion, the store sent me a coupon for a free salad. I had a bowl of spinach with dried cranberries, sauteed zucchini, roasted red peppers and chopped walnuts with raspberry dressing. The salad was served in retro-style red bowls with bread sticks resembling chopsticks. The presentation of the salad made me smile. The staff at Salad Creations were helpful. I enjoyed my accessorized greens, but I know I could easily make the salad at home. Getting a free salad was sweet. I'm a salad lover, so the restaurant scored points with me for offering up that bonus. I'll go back because one can't go wrong with a good salad.

Hopefully the rain will quickly pass. I'm not complaining, but I hope we get a rainbow out of these showers.


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