Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bright bumps...

Today is sunny and bright. I finished reading The Shack this morning. Getting to the end took me a while. It was kind of mystical, deep and spiritual. I don't usually read those kind of books, but I stuck with this one. Mom loaned it to me. I thought she enjoyed it. Talking to her this morning on the phone, she confessed she couldn't quite make it through The Shack. I understood what she meant, but I'm glad I persevered. The story was inspiring, even though it was a bit hard to process. It's good to read books that are outside the realm of our usual choices once in a while. I like to think doing so stretches our brains.

The Observer and I watched the movie Changeling yesterday. The film is about a mother (Angelina Jolie) whose son gets abducted. A boy presumed to be her son, is returned to her care, but it is a different boy. When the mother tries to tell authorities the truth, she is placed in a psychiatric faculty. I won't say much more as I don't want to spoil the ending. It's an intense film with some disturbing parts. I left the room a few times, but saw the majority of Changeling. Angelina Jolie does a fantastic job portraying a distraught mother tirelessly searching for her son. She refuses to submit to authorities who insist they found her son and that she is unstable for not believing them. I enjoyed the parts not involving abuse or cohesion. If you are sensitive to violence, you might want to leave the room as I did. Changeling is an inspiring movie none-the-less.

After watching the movie, we went to the mall and had sandwiches. There wasn't any reason to stay at the mall, so we partook in our Saturday night custom of browsing the music store. I heard a pop, boy band tune that just isn't my style. For some reason, I had the urge to dance, so I moved my arms and legs around as best as I could. The Observer was laughing at me.

A new waffle store opened on a busy street. The intoxicating scent of homemade Belgian waffles drifts through the busiest area in the city. It's such a tantalizing smell. Unfortunately the waffle store is small and inaccessible. The Observer's friend told me they sometimes give out free samples. I begged the Observer to ask for some. With lots of coaxing from me, he did and the owner came out and handed us each samples. I got lucky and was passed two pieces of vanilla waffle. Not surprisingly, the piece of waffle I tasted was yummy. Truthfully, I'm not a big fan of dessert waffles, but I was touched by the owner's kindness. I am determined to give the store my business. They deserve it. I am going to call ahead and give them a heads up that I am coming and will need a waffle brought out and my money collected. I hope I see the same kind employee. I want him to know that I appreciated his going a little beyond the call of duty. He brought some sweetness to my night.

The Observer and I finished the evening with coffee at Starbucks. Saturday night wouldn't be the same without a stop there. The man who took our coffee order was very friendly. Just as we were about to go, a man approached me for money. Panhandlers in Starbucks are rare, so I was surprised. I sternly said no. I like having coffee in peace. The world outside the coffee shop is so full of people, action, noise, and life. If I'm going to sit and drink coffee, I feel being asked for money distrubes the peace I am striving for. Call me unfair, but it's how I feel.

Imperfection exists in everything. Books have good and bad elements, movies are both disturbing and inspirational, stores are inaccessible but offer exceptional products and service, and coffee shops are great places to feel peace with the occasional interruption. Life isn't a straight line. There are bumps, but we keep moving and find pathways and people to keep us balanced.


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