Saturday, April 11, 2009

The center...

I'm having a quiet day. It's sunny and bright, but still cold. I think it's the wind that causes unexpected chilliness. Good Friday with the Observer's family was, well, good! I met the Observer and his parents at church. I arrived first and a church volunteer kept wanting to put me right in the front room. I kept telling her that I would wait for the people I was planning to meet. I'm not Catholic. I don't know all the prayer customs, so I would probably look very lost sitting in the front row. God would laugh at me fiddling with my hands. After three different tries, I finally told the lady at the church that I really wanted to wait for my company and I would call her if I needed her. She took the hint.

Church was crowded and hot. The Observer kept trying to hold my hand. Church is a place where we should keep our hands to ourselves, I think. I gently moved in the opposite direction. Don't get me wrong: I love holding the Observer's hand, but mostly when we're alone. If there are too many people around, it feels silly. In a crowded room or at a big gathering, I'm usually sitting with the Observer, so I feel close to him. Hopefully he doesn't feel offended when I gently don't take his hand. The guy loves holding hands or any type of physical affection. He'd hug the window washer if he respected the man. More people ought to be like the Observer. The world would be a much warmer place. I'm a girl whose all about timing and privacy. I'm shy and am comfortable with physical contact behind closed doors. Between the Observer's extrovert ways and my reserved nature, I like to think we balance each other out.

After church, the Observer's Mom prepared an elaborate dinner. She always makes amazing meals on good Friday. The highlight is fish. We started with pasta and peas, a comforting common dish at the Observer's house, followed by crab legs, shrimp, lobster and scampi. I loved it all. It's fun to listen to everyone crack open shells. There was also green beans, potatoes, artichokes and salad. I ate more than anyone at the table. Having had coffee early, I was badly in need of caffeine, so I slurped up my espresso quickly. Dessert was lemon tarts, apple cake and cookies - all made by the Observer's Mom. Of course I tried every sweet on the table. By the end, I felt like I was going to burst all over the table, but every bite was worth it.

The Observer's three-year-old niece did my hair. She asked me if she could all day. Finally, before our last course, she was lifted by her mom and took her time brushing my hair. She put it in a few ponytails. I was impressed. For a three-year-old, that little lady can work a hairbrush.

Dad came to my apartment while I was out and painted my apartment. Opening my door late last night, I could sense that he had been there. My walls look clean and fresh. Dad is the best. I ate my first artichoke on Good Friday. I enjoyed peeling apart all of the layers. As I got to the heart, I thought about how most of what is important in life finds a place in the center of gravity, so it grounds us. Family belongs at the center of any holiday. Closing my eyes last night, sleep came quickly, and I knew it was due in part to how much I enjoyed the day. My Good Friday was great.


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