Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fake laughing and fiber...

Not long ago, I felt a raindrop. It was a little one, so maybe it's not actually raining. The air feels humid. My attendant this morning has naturally curly air and it was a bit frizzy. I didn't tell her, but she must know. Hair or any observations about appearance are often not worth pointing out, because it's stating the obvious. If something is visible, we usually don't need to be told about it. There are rare times when we can't see what is right in front of us. In those instances, stating the obvious can be helpful, but it's hard to know whether or not someone already knows what we are about to tell them. For example, do we tell someone that he or she has left the window open? Do we remind a person that he or she needs to put the water jug back in the fridge? I guess it depends on what obvious matters we are referring to. If something involves one's safety or well-being, I wouldn't hesitate to mention or remind a person to do something like making sure a stove is turned off before leaving home. Frizzy hair is different.

On the bus yesterday, I met a passenger who told simple jokes throughout the entire trip. He found his own humour hilarious. I found it annoying, but tried to be polite without encouraging him. Our taxi driver kept saying how funny the passenger was. "Speak for yourself sir," I was thinking. It doesn't take much energy to fake a laugh. Since it made the joker feel good, I did. His heart was pure. Corny jokes aren't the worst thing to endure on a bus ride.

Last night I met the Observer at the mall. For the second time this week, we planned to see a movie, but it didn't happen. By the time we ate, all the films playing in our time frame passed. We browsed through the mall and went across the road to the grocery store. We had fun shopping. The Observer bought pure cranberry juice and Coke Zero. A good chunk of our shopping trip was spent in the cereal aisle. Seeing breakfast cereals we ate as kids was nostalgic. The Observer loves Frosted Flakes. I'm a Shred dies, Cheerios, or Life fan. I like bite size cereals that are easy to pick up. Nowadays, I eat All-Bran for the fiber benefits. The Observer surprised me with a box. I was touched. Fiber matters.

I was thinking of calling Mom and saying, "Guess what the Observer bought me? A diamond ring! Just joking...he bought me a box of All-Bran!" I'm not sure if she would find my joke funny. I do, but I learned on the bus yesterday that just because I find something funny doesn't guarantee everyone else will.