Saturday, April 04, 2009

A great night from start to finish...

A police officer just helped me get across the road. There is construction on a busy downtown street that I regularly cross. It's windy outside and my hands got very cold, making it hard to steer well. I had to go down a steep-looking ramp and didn't completely trust my new controller on my wheelchair. The officer was kind and I was grateful for his help. I was so cold, I could barely talk. Hopefully the policeman understood me saying, "Thank you." Normally I'd be embarrassed to be escorted across the road by a person in uniform, but I really needed help. Tipping over on a busy street is not worth it.

Yesterday I met my good friend at Union Station. Upon my friend's suggestion, we broke our usual tradition of staying local and having coffee and sandwiches, and decided to check out a little underground shopping center. Being such an adventure seeker, I was excited to go exploring. It took us a while to find the underground mall, but once we did, we were pleased with ourselves. Most of the shops served coffee or were stores connected to a chain. We spent a long time in The Body Shop. Personally, I'm not big on creams and lotions, because I have super sensitive skin and experimenting with the wrong product could be bad. The Body Shop did have a new cherry body butter that smelled sweet. Body butter feels like you're slathering yourself in butter. It's concentrated, thick, goopy and greasy. It might smell good, but I don't enjoy using it. Butter belongs on toast or in baking - not on my body. The cherry body butter might have smelled good, but I knew buying something for the smell alone would be silly.

Visiting with my friend was fun. Her Mom is having an operation to remove a tumor from her abdomen soon. Understandably, my friend is worried, but didn't say much. If she wanted to talk about her Mom she would have, so I didn't say much about it. We wished each other a Happy Easter and exchanged treats. After saying goodbye, I took a chance and stopped by a restaurant where I knew the Observer was having dinner with his friend. As luck would have it, I bumped into the Observer's friend and I surprised the Observer as they left the restaurant. Everything fell into place. Maybe fate was apologizing for the rain all day. We all went to Starbucks and caught up. I was happy that the Observer got to have some one-on-one time with his best friend and that I got see them both for the end of their night which happened to include talking while consuming my favourite beverage. All good nights include stellar company and coffee - if you ask me.


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