Monday, April 06, 2009

Grumpy on a yucky Monday...

I feel a bit yucky. There's nothing really bothering me today. I'm just not the happiest of campers. It's wet and cold outside. My day was spent inside making phone calls. All day my attendants have been kind, which ought to make me happy. I have had two cups of coffee and Chai tea and enjoyed them all. All things considered, I have no reason to be grumpy. I just am.

Yesterday I started reading a booked called The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton. Chilton is a financial advisor who made a name for himself by providing practical money saving advice in the Wealthy Barber. I'm only on page five, but so far, it's a light story. Maybe I'll read more later and it'll talk about how nothing can prevent the average person from having the odd day where nothing is all that great. Every day is not destined to be great. Some days turn out horribly. That's not how today shaped up, so I ought to be grateful. It's Monday and a fresh start, which is OK.


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