Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hold my hand...

Today is beautiful, sunny and spring-like. If it wasn't such great weather, the computer issues I am having may be frustrating me more than they are. I spent the last hour working on my sister's wedding shower invitations only to find out that nothing I did saved. Oh technology! The good thing is, I can start again and now I have practice, but it's still a pain.

Dad came with me yesterday to pick up a form for new glasses. We went to a run-down government building filled with unstable looking people. I was glad Dad was standing beside me. We went to Swiss Chalet for dinner and had coffee back at my apartment. I enjoyed our visit and am now closer to getting my new glasses.

At the mall the other day, I was sitting in the food court waiting for the Observer. A baby that looked about two years old, kept crying. His wailing made me sad. His mother carried him over to me and said, "He just wants to hold your hand for a second." I took his tiny hand in mine and he stopped crying. The whole interaction lasted a minute, but I'll never forget that baby. I hope he grows up to not be too frustrated by computer files that don't save, that he enjoys beautiful spring days, that he gets to feel safe with his parents in places that aren't the safest and that his mom or dad takes me out for dinner and coffee. I hope all these things bring him the same happiness they bring me.


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