Thursday, April 16, 2009

In good company and mediocre food...

My head feels foggy. Maybe I need a coffee. It's my answer to most problems. Half the time, coffee cures all my ailments, so those odds are pretty high, right?

Last night I met the Observer at the mall. Our plan was to check out a movie, but I wasn't really in the mood. There were no movies that really appealed to me, so I suggested we go out for dinner. The mall has an old restaurant inside that serves mediocre pub food. It's been years since either the Observer or myself has been there. I figured it was a quieter place to sit and chat than the food court. Seeing as we were the only people in the restaurant, it was quieter at first, but not for long. Our waitress was sweet. She kept suggesting menu items and offering to help us. Bless her heart, but part of me wanted to scream, "Please leave us alone. It's not our fault that you have no other customers to keep you busy." I kept quiet. The Observer kept telling her to "take care." I had to smile, because I knew he really wanted to say "buzz off please sweetie".

Halfway through our nachos, we ran into an old friend of mine. She joined our table with her friend. Seeing her was fun. I met her neighbour who also had dinner with us, so getting to know her was fun too. A friend of a friend usually turns out to be a good person. The Observer was very gentlemanly and tolerant of all the female company. The waitress kept insisting I wanted chocolate. I didn't but suggested the Observer order a waffle to quiet her. He did, but it wasn't very tasty. At the end of our low quality meal, the waitress said that she "hoped to see us again soon." No one said much. It was good to see the Observer, bump into my friend and I enjoyed meeting her sweet neighbour. Our waitress had a good heart, even if she was a bit flighty. People probably say the same about me. I don't serve food, which is probably a good thing.


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