Thursday, April 23, 2009

Late tulip admirer on bed bug alert...

I met a friend for coffee today. I was late getting to our spot. My attendant was chatty. I kept looking up at the clock to try to let her know that I had to be somewhere, but she wouldn't take the hint. It's alright. Someone friendly and talkative is better than someone who is stone silent. When I got to our meeting spot, my friend was nowhere to be found. I took a chance and checked out the closest coffee shop. Sure enough, I found my friend visiting with another acquaintance of ours. I'm glad they kept each other company while waiting for my tardy self. I hate being late, but sometimes it's inevitable.

My friend had the stomach flu in the middle of the night. She looked a bit pale this afternoon. Seeing her was fun. I hope she feels better soon. Our visit was short and sweet.

Outside reminds me of fall. It's a bit windy and chilly, but bright and sunny. I put on my coat that I wear between seasons and I'm glad I did. Spring is hinting its arrival, but it's not quite here yet. There were some beautiful yellow tulips blooming in my neighbourhood today. I had to stop and admire them.

Last night I watched a taped episode of W5 on people who fall through the cracks while living in subsidized housing in the city. The show featured tenants who had psychological and physical issues. Due to my physical challenges, I would fall under this category. There were people discussed who lived and died in squalor and many housed in apartments infested with bed bugs. I don't have bed bugs....yet. One blind tenant said he didn't realize he had bed bugs until they landed in his coffee...ugh. Going to sleep last night, I couldn't get the show out of my head. Since I am physically challenged and live in subsidized housing myself, I couldn't help but think about how easy it would be for me to end up in a similar situation. Hopefully I would notice bed bugs before my apartment ever became infested. I know my family would help me out if I ever needed anything. Maybe being aware of people who deal with such sad circumstances will help me have greater compassion for those more vulnerable than myself. We never know what the future holds. I suppose that's why I make a point of stopping to admire the yellow tulips. Similarly, perhaps I should avoid watching shows that talk about bed bugs before going to sleep.


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