Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moms, mexican, and mobile devices...

I had a GOOD sleep. Everything is better with rest behind us. Yesterday was a productive day. My transportation worked out well. Less stress is always best, especially when travelling. The taxi drivers were all kind and happy to see me. I was pleased to see them too. Since I don't travel to my parents as often, I don't get to see the drivers either.

While waiting in my doctor's office, there was a pregnant mother trying to keep her two-year-old son occupied while her other son was being seen. The two-year-old had the flu and was understandably fussy. His mom distracted him with toys, pictures on her cell phone and trips to the water cooler. He was cute. His Mom seemed to know how to entertain him. When her other son came out of the office, she helped put on his jacket and bend to give him a kiss. The whole exchange was so simple and sweet. The woman was so busy, but knew the importance of taking a second to show her son that she loved him. Honestly, I don't envy that she has two little boys and one more on the way. I wouldn't even be able to handle one child. I have to hand it to the woman. She is a good Mom. During the fifeteen minutes that I watched her care for her son, I knew that.

The later part of my afternoon was spent drinking coffee and eating cake with Mom and Dad. My brother-in-law stopped in and my brothers and sister called all at once. My parents said they hadn't been so busy in weeks. We must have all been missing Mom and Dad. In the midst of my choking production yesterday, I forget to take my laundry home. I was too worried about not missing my bus and clearing the coffee from my throat. The Observer and I are meeting today. He lives close to my parents' house, so I will give my laundry to him and they will pick it up from his apartment. I wish I had remembered to bring my laundry yesterday, but there is always a way around things.

Mom had a craving for Mexican yesterday. We were going to get take-out from a new place in our area, but they were closed. Since Mom's heart attack, she is very conscientious about her diet. She thought Mexican food wasn't heart healthy. I try to show her that most food can be made healthier with simple substitutions. I was looking forward to Mexican too, especially hot sauce, but it wasn't meant to be. Dad picked up chicken salads from our other favourite local restaurant. As always, the salad was yummy. I felt good about meeting my goal of having salad every day.

Today I miss Mom and Dad. I won't see them this weekend. My cell phone is missing. I think it's at my parents' house. I miss Mom and Dad more than I miss my phone. People are more important than things.


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