Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Moods, picky kids, and meaningful minutes...

My cloud of grumpiness has floated away for today. Hopefully it stays away for a while. I think I was really tired last night. Lack of sleep can sure affect moods. There are days when I wonder if I have a touch of bipolar disorder. Often I'll have a day when I feel happy and everything is going well, but the next day is not as positive. My moods tend to swing back and forth from being content to unhappy with little middle ground. Do you know what I mean? It's not like I am depressed. There are good parts of each day that I choose to focus on including coffee, the Observer, music, chats/visits home, friendly strangers, my lively neighbourhood, helpful attendants and my freedom. All of these things make me happy. On satisfactory days, I try to remember them.

My former boyfriend had severe bipolar for the latter part of our relationship. One day he would be talking a mile a minute and the next he would be stone silent. Being around him was challenging and scary. I felt sorry for him because I knew he couldn't help his mood swings. My former boyfriend's depression caused distance between us that eventually led to us parting ways. It's difficult to maintain closeness with someone who has trouble talking. After seeing someone with such a severe example of moods, it's hard not to look for the same issues in myself. I know I am not depressed, but I try to keep my moods in check. Being in touch with myself is important. Moods do fluctuate, but I hope mine stay relatively stable.

I watched a interactive health show last night featuring an expert pediatrician. Parents called in with questions. One Mom complained that her two-year-old daughter was a picky eater and sometimes wouldn't eat. The paediatrician asked the Mom who currently held the power. The Mom said she held the power. The pediatrician disagreed and said that the daughter had the power right now. He explained that somehow the mother allowed the daughter to be picky by giving her the foods she knew the daughter would eat. After time the little girl realized that being selective paid off. According to the pediatrician, the mother needed to gain power back by letting the little girl sit at the table for about fifteen minutes. If she choose not eat at mealtimes, her plate would be removed until the next meal. If the daughter got hungry, she could have a nutritious snack. The doctor said that over time, the little girl would learn to eat what was cooked at mealtimes. He emphasized that children won't starve themselves. I liked the doctor's advice. If I am ever dealing with a picky little eater and they won't eat, I'll remember to not force the issue and have a healthy snack on hand.

My Dad called this afternoon. He was surprised I picked up the phone. We had a quick chat and he told me he missed me. I miss him too. I'm glad I picked up and it was his voice on the other end of the phone. Minutes later, I was crossing a busy intersection and bumped into a former co-worker of the Observers. Many of the Observer's co-workers are great. The guy I bumped into is very friendly. I always enjoy seeing him. He's just good. Since I was waiting on a light to change, we couldn't really stop and chat. He knew I was cold. Both talking to my Dad and seeing the Observer's old co-worker made my day. Both interactions were minutes long, but made the cold, gray day brighter. Maybe I'll be grumpy tomorrow, but I'll tell myself that it will pass. Everything does. We just have to wait. The little girl who is the picky eater will hopefully learn to eat what's in front of her or wait until she's hungry enough. Hungry doesn't wait.


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