Monday, April 20, 2009

Remembering good things...

The attendant who woke me up this morning and helped me get ready for today was very sweet. As she was leaving, I was taking my pills and drinking coffee. She asked if I needed anything else. I tried to say no, but I swallowed my pill and coffee the wrong way. A big production of me coughing and sputtering everywhere followed. The whole incident was embarrassing. My attendant felt bad and so did I. Seeing her was a bonus. When I'm choking, a compassionate person is a plus.

Today I have a doctor's appointment. Somehow I got the time mixed up and booked my ride an hour later than I should have. Over the weekend I called the office and tried to explain on their machine my mistake and see if they could fit me in early. The secretary called early and told me that the doctor could see me early. I got lucky. Flexibility is such a blessing. Life isn't always bendable, but I appreciate when it is.

I'm visiting with my parents after my appointment. It will be great to see them. My mind is trying to ignore the reality that I ate too many cookies yesterday. I was tired and wanted to eat sweets. I did, but I didn't need to stuff myself. I am trying to focus on seeing my family, the kind attendant and accommodating doctors' office. It's rainy too, but why say much about yucky weather? The last few days were enjoyable. Maybe I'm heavier, but life goes on. It's a bit like how the rain may come, but sunshine always returns, right?


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good way of thinking....glad ur appointment is cool i miss u!!!! XOXO