Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Right now...

In a busy part of the city, I ran into an old friend yesterday. We met as crazy, sensitive teenagers and were on the brink of maturity. We thought life was mostly fair and that we would be OK. Seven years later, we are OK, but we both realize that life can suck. My friend is sweet, reserved, and funky. He's the kind of guy you could bring as a date anywhere and have a great time. My friend is gay, so there's no ulterior motives to hanging out. We don't see each other much. He's busy and so am I, but when we do, I enjoy it. Years ago, our close mutual friend died. Somehow I told my friend about his passing over the phone. I remember hearing his voice crack and he told me he had to go. We have never spoken about our friend since. It's too hard.

On the crowded street yesterday, I saw him smiling at me as he pushed his wheelchair up a curb. He asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was going to the library. My friend was on his way to a patio to read and have a beer. I told my friend to have a great night and to enjoy his cold one. We didn't promise to see each soon or say that, "We must get together." We just talked about the present and that was enough. Much is different about the people we are now as opposed to the people we were. We still care about each other, but our lives grew with us. I'll see my friend around. When I do, I'll ask him how his day went, because that's really all that counts.

It's raining today. My glasses are spattered with raindrops. This morning was a bit rushed. Thankfully my attendant was diligent and got everything I needed quickly. It's always a bonus when mornings go smoothly, especially when we're under time constraints. I wanted toast with cream cheese for breakfast. I like my toast almost burned. Since the same people have made toast many times over the years, they are good at knowing how I like it well done. When the toast popped up out of the toaster, there was steam coming off the bread slices and I could see it was very burned - just how I like it.

Minutes later, we noticed smoke around the living room. Neither my attendant or I thought the toast was burned enough to produce such an amount of smoke, but I guess the bread got torched. My attendant opened my balcony door to let some smoke out. I decided to let my place air out and left the door open when I left. Hopefully the pigeons on my balcony don't decide to check out my apartment. I could come home to flying visitors. I'll worry about my guests when they are sitting on my couch. Right now, I am thinking that I need another coffee and that can't wait.


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friends from the past are always a surprise to see.