Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snapping out of it...

Today I am short tempered. Little things are annoying me. I am impatient and irritated. My attendants seem slow and sloppy today. Part of me wants to scream, "Move along" Maybe I just need sleep. My apartment was cleaned this morning. The air smells fresh and the floor looks clean. I am trying to focus on how they cleaned up rather than the fact that there are still coffee grinds stuck to the wall...those grinds have been there for a while. All I need to do is ask for them to be wiped. I don't know why I haven't yet.

Yesterday I met the Observer at the mall. As always, seeing him was fun. When he arrived, I was drinking a chocolate raspberry coffee. There is a small pastry shop that sells flavoured coffee. One of the store's employees is very helpful, so I try to give her my business whenever possible. She takes extra care to ensure she puts the right amount of milk in my coffee, helps me get my change, and carries my coffee to a table without being ask. People who are kind and brew great coffee deserve my business. The Observer and I sat and chatted. He asked me the name of my favourite TV documentary. After thinking about it for a while, I couldn't give him an answer. There have been many documentaries I have learned from and loved. I'm still trying to think of an answer...

I stopped by Rabba Fine Foods and bought broccoli, lettuce and a lemon earlier today. The wind was a bit chilly. Rabba is convenient for me, because the owner knows me. He laughs at how I always buy lettuce. Lately, I've had a penchant for lemons. The fresh and sour taste is refreshing. Anything bright appeals to me. When I was leaving, the owner said, "Will that be all, darling?" I smiled. Hopefully he didn't sense that I was grumpy. Maybe he thought I already sucked on a lemon.

Just as I was about to leave my apartment, the new song Please Don't Leave Me by Pink came on the radio. I cranked it up and laughed. If all it takes is a good song to brighten my spirits, life is going pretty well, I'd say.


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