Sunday, April 19, 2009

Underneath it all...

There's more sunshine today! Bring it on! Bright days make me so happy. Spring is the greatest, but summer is too. I went out right after breakfast today and bought a phone card for my cell phone. Having just switched over to a pay-as-you go-plan, I wasn't sure what my best option would be. I chose to buy one hundred dollars worth of airtime that won''t expire for a year. Hopefully I made the right choice. Cell phones and I don't really mesh. I'm not a heavy user. If I'm out, talking on the phone feels like a distraction from what is going on around me. My cell phone is handy for emergencies though.

The Observer visited me yesterday. We met for an early dinner at our favourite restaurant. There weren't many customers dinning. I think this was due to it being after lunch-time and too early for dinner for a lot of people. The Observer tried a new dish called Veal Marsala. He enjoyed it. That restaurant can't seem to go wrong with their food. Like our last visit there, I had a garden salad with shrimp and lots of french bread. My shrimp salad was as yummy as last time.

We came home and watched Murder ball on DVD. I thought the Observer would enjoy the film and he did. Since I cried the first time I watched it, I had a hunch he would shed a few tears too. He did. The Observer related to much of the unfairness the players felt over their disabilities and having limited freedom. Whenever we can relate to a movie, it's a worthwhile watch.

We ended the night by going to Starbucks. We talked about what could be underneath our individual "issues". Everyone has "issues" or things we focus on because we perceive them as problems. We often blame our frustrations on our issues when we are truly upset about deeper, less obvious matters. My issue is my weight. I tell myself that I'd be happier if I was skinny. Truthfully, if that was the answer, I would have achieved thinness a long time ago. Maybe I wish I was different or don't feel good enough. Whatever the reason, deep down, I know dropping a pant size will do little to change my deep-seated feelings of inadequacy. I need to do more than eat less, but I'm young and I have time to sort all of this out. For now, there's a beautiful day to enjoy. It doesn't matter what issues we have - it's ours.


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all issues are sorted out in time my love