Monday, May 04, 2009

A cold girl with a changed Grandpa...

I'm freezing right now. There are goosebumps crawling up my arms. I was outside without a sweatshirt. Before I left, I was hot and a bit sweaty. On the street, that feeling disappeared quickly. The wind is chilly especially if you ask someone with bare arms wearing short sleeves. That would be me. Now I realize that summer isn't here yet. We still need light outerwear to cover our extremities. Tonight I wasn't as silly as when I don't wear mittens in the winter (or maybe it's just that the conditions outside aren't so harsh!)

Yesterday I couldn't stop staring at my Grandpa. There was something different about his face. The longer I looked, the more perplexed I got. His entire profile seemed changed - even his chin looked altered. I almost asked my Grandma what was different, but didn't know whether it was my place. I decided to wait and ask Mom in the car. This turned out to be a good idea.

Once we pulled away from my Grandparents' house, I said, "Mom, there is something different about Grandpa's face." Mom told me that Grandpa went on a new medication to help his memory and it makes him hungry. In the last five months, Grandpa has gained about twenty pounds. Feeling hungry more frequently combined with a less active lifestyle contributed to Grandpa going up two pant sizes. Mom said Grandpa didn't understand how to handle his increased appetite and was going and eating bowl fulls of cereal heaped with sugar. Poor Grandpa. Always very thin, it is a bit of a shock to see his bulkier shape. Yesterday Grandpa was quite happy and coherent, even saying "I've put on weight." Grandma put out an assortment of chocolate and shortbread cookies. After asking for approval from Grandma, Grandpa ate a chocolate biscuit. He seemed to enjoy it. At eighty three years old, now doesn't seem the time for Grandpa to consult a personal trainer. I say, let the guy enjoy his cookies.