Monday, May 11, 2009

Creepy, funny, sad and a lesson...

Remember how I was so grumpy yesterday? I think I needed to sleep. I was out like a light within seconds. Today i am feeling more like myself. Now I understand how extreme cases of insomnia or exhaustion can lead to insanity. Speaking of psychological problems, Dad and I went by the Queen Street Mental Health Clinic last night. From the outside, the place looked just like psychiatric hospitals from years ago with bars on the windows and all gated up. The building gave me the creeps. Dad said it didn't look like there were many patients left. The trend is to deinstustionalize and use community support systems. I suppose there will always be people who need twenty-hour supervision where a psychiatric institute is the only place they can live. I found it both intriguing and scary to pass the Queen Street Mental Health clinic. I think that was my first time which explains my interest.

Our Mother's Day dinner was just as enjoyable as I knew it would be. Mom and Dad picked me up. Right before they were due to show up, I decided to pick up some flowers for Mom. Naming flowers and knowing how to care for them is not my area of expertise. I buy flowers that I would want people to give me. I told the florist at the grocery store that I would buy a "white peony". She corrected me saying that what I wanted was actually a white hydrangea. Mom liked her flowers and that's all that matters. I'm not a big flower lover myself, even though they brighten a room. Coffee is the way to my heart. Everyone is different, I suppose.

My brother missed dinner because he is on vacation with his new girlfriend. She's very sweet and LOVES to talk. Every second sentence out of her mouth is a compliment about home decor, delicious food or how special it is to be included in our family. The girl is naturally high on life. Though her presence is positive, her constant chatter dominates the dinner table. Our family must be very quiet. Without my brother's girlfriend at the table last night, there was a lot of silence. My other brother did an impression of her that cracked me up. It went like this: Oh My Gosh! I absolutely love what you've done with your new house. The lighting, the painting - it perfect! What a beautiful living room and the table is just the right size for all of us. We couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day. These shishkabobs are amazing! I can't believe how much I've eaten! It's all so yummy!

Everyone at the table roared with laughter. My brother knows how to get a laugh. I'm sorry the Observer missed our dinner, especially the impression. Our teasing was all in fun. My brother's girlfriend is good for him. She's also easy to miss.

Sadly, a family friend just learned today that she is facing a third round of her battle with cancer. Her prognosis is poor. I grew up with her daughter and my heart goes out to their family. I'm glad they learned such devastating news today and not yesterday. Hopefully my friend loved her mother up yesterday. I learned from such tragic news that Moms are too special not to honour every day.


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