Sunday, May 10, 2009

A day for Mom...

The Observer came to see me yesterday. We went out after the rain ended. I had a craving for vanilla frozen yogurt. The shop in my neighbourhood is a convenient, refreshing distance away from my apartment. Getting there takes just enough time to know whether I really want frozen yogurt or I'm being over-indulgent. My first cup was so yummy that I had another. For the price of two small cups, it would have been cheaper to buy a large serving, but I didn't know I'd enjoy frozen yogurt so much. The Observer had chocolate. Personally, I believe nothing beats vanilla. I met a close family friend on the way, but I couldn't stop to chat. I think she understood.

Later, we stopped by the drugstore. The Observer bought me tropical flavoured gum. It's fruity and refreshing. A store employee asked me if I needed to use the washroom. Surprised, I told her that, "No I was just opening my gum." I've been asked many questions in stores, but never if I needed to use the bathroom. She must have been confused...

For a long time, I have been meaning to buy a restaurant gift card for my physical therapist. He has helped me out a lot lately, so I wanted to do something to thank him. He's a foodie, so the gift card couldn't be for just anywhere. There's a high end Thai restaurant in my area, but I couldn't find it. Yesterday I decided I had to get the gift card. The Observer and I wandered around until we got cold and desperate for any gift card. I chose Baton Rouge. Hopefully my therapist will make use of the card and enjoy a yummy meal. Though I wanted to buy him a gift card for an ethic restaurant, I feel relieved that his gift is bought and in the mail...done is better than perfect. I appreciated the Observer coming with me.

We were both a bit hungry, so we stopped by the Pickle Barrel. I had water with lemon and the Observer sweetly shared his garlic bread. Needing a coffee, I was happy to oblige when the Observer suggested a stop at Starbucks. En route, we saw a couple having wedding photos taken right at a major intersection. I joked that we probably couldn't push our way through. We both had a good laugh. He treated me to coffee. I am a lucky girl.

Today I am grumpy. I haven't had a good sleep in a while, which could explain my moodiness. My family knows I am miserable. Being Mother's Day, I am trying to make an effort to snap out of my cloud of hum drum thinking. Mom deserves a special day, even if I'm tired.

Though I am a bit cantankerous, I am looking forward to honouring my Mom at a family dinner hosted by my sister at her new house. I love her new house, even though it's actually an old house. There is character everywhere. My sister and her soon-to-be-husband give excellent dinner parties. All the decor is warm and cozy. Their style is simple and classic. I admire my sister's eye for effortless flare. Just like her home, she cooks using fresh, basic ingredients and all her meals are vibrant and colourful. A dinner cooked by my sister is a reminder that healthy food need not be bland. Hopefully my Mom enjoys herself today. She is my best friend, so here's to you Mom. I love you.


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