Saturday, May 09, 2009

A girls' night with Beaches...

I went to a movie night hosted by a young women's group last night. It's been years since I have participated in one of their events. After being away for so long, I was nervous about showing up. Luckily, everyone was welcoming and kind. I sat at a table with an acquaintance from my years at camp and someone I knew from school. I picked a table of young people. We chatted over a chicken dinner. The girl I knew from camp is looking to move out, so she is taking an inventory of the pros and cons of neighbourhoods in the city. I told her that I love where I live, but it's eccentric and not for everyone. Personally, I appreciate being so close to shops, subway stops, the Eatons center, the library, and Starbucks.

As dinner was finishing, we watched the movie Beaches. It's a classic, chic flick that I always enjoy. A few people cried. Having watched it before, I knew that the ending was sad, so I was prepared. There was a discussion afterwards that I thought was unnecessary, but it's OK. One woman couldn't physically speak. She was laughing and crying appropriately, so I could tell that she was very bright. She participated in the discussion and articulated well using a board and pointing to the words she wanted to use. I liked her. Hopefully I'll see her again and have time to talk to her.

I have never had much of an interest in activities exclusively for woman, even though I enjoy a good girl's movie. I decided to attend movie night because I was sure there would be new faces in attendance. I was right. I'm glad I gave the group another chance. Second rounds are often better than first ones. Like the movie Beaches, maybe having a heads up of what is ahead is helpful.


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