Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy day....

The sun is shinning. It's Friday. People are smiling. Life is good. This morning I went to the St. Lawrence Market. I wanted to get a few loaves of bread and some bagels for my family. If I'm being totally honest, I also wanted to make the trip because it's fun and I always try a different food each time. My sister got me drinking coffee from a store run by these kind, helpful people. The coffee is imported from all over from Europe. Of all the different types, my favourite has to be from Peru. Now, I've had my share of coffee over the years. I enjoy almost any kind, but this coffee rises to the top of my list of favourites. It's rich, dark, and bold. It's a crowded little store, but the cashier helped me get my money and coffee. She was sweet. I enjoyed every sip of my coffee. It tasted like gold as it filled my mouth. I spilled a little on my way out, but I drank most of it. My jeans smell like coffee, but it's OK.

Fresh figs were on sale at a bulk food store. I bought four. They were sweet and chewy. Figs aren't a fruit I grew up eating, except in fig newton bars and that isn't really a true dose of the fruit. I started eating them thanks to the Observer's family as they serve them for dessert when they are in season. I like to buy foods that are a bit of novelty at the market. There is so much to choose from that it would be silly to try the same food twice. Coffee, however, is an exception. All be back from another cup of Persian java next week. If it spills on my jeans again, I won't mind. There is no better perfume than the smell of coffee.

The Observer is spinning the tunes at a youth dance tonight. He is nervous, but he always does an awesome job. Music and people are his two passions and he merges them well. Hearing the Observer talk about his love for tune spinning reminds me that if we love what we do, those around us benefit too. Hopefully he'll look around at the roomful of happy, dancing, adolescents and give himself a little credit for organizing a fun night. He deserves props. There's no tune spinner like the Observer. Happy spinning!


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thanks for the positive vibes sweery I felt them.