Monday, May 25, 2009

A happy tired...

Well, my weekend was jammed with friends, family, laughing, celebrating and lots of love. My sister's bridal shower on Saturday was a big hit. Mom looked beautiful and such a proud mother of the bride. Hosting the shower was a big job for her, but she enjoyed herself. The night before, Mom looked exhausted, but was up at the crack of dawn to get ready. I had trouble sleeping from all of the anticipation, so I can only imagine how Mom felt.

Hiring a caterer was a big step for Mom. All of our close family and friends agreed that it must have been a tough decision for Mom, but one that was best for her in the long-run. The food was fresh and dainty just as Mom wanted. Shower guests went back for seconds which was a good sign. I had a third helping, but don't tell.

When it came time to open gifts, I was a bit nervous. My sister is very uncomfortable being the spotlight, but she was calm and gracious. We presented her with money to help buy a patio set that she wants. Shower guests were asked if they wanted to contribute and many were very generous. Handing her the financial gift, I told her that she could sit on her patio and remember all the kind people who attended her shower and helped her savour the sunshine in style. I know my sister will.

Later in the day, Mom drove me to my sister's bachlorette party. Mom's close childhood friend came with us. Mango margaritas were on tap. Sipping a virgin cocktail, Mom sent me into a crazy laughing attack when she said, she couldn't "get it up." We offered her a straw shaped like male genitalia, but she didn't seem to want one.

Exhausted from no sleep the night before, I left early before the party moved to the bar. Hopefully my sister understood. My sleep was five star quality. I didn't want to wake up the next day, but was looking forward to seeing the Observer at a 50th Wedding anniversary for someone in his family. Dad dropped off my clothes early. In all the activity, I forgot to get them packed. Our visit was short and sweet because the taxi was waiting for me. I had time to kill once I arrived at the Wood bridge transfer point, so I had a coffee and woke up. It was relaxing. The taxi came a bit early. When we pulled up to the banquet hall, I got nervous when I saw a huge flight of stairs. Thankfully, there was a piece of plywood that served as a makeshift ramp. It was rickety, but it worked. As the first guest there, I met the family hosting the event and did my best to help. As people arrived, I introduced myself and was greeted with the same sweetness my own family shows. The gentleman celebrating fifty years of marriage came to me and said he thinks of me as family, because I am so important to the Observer. How sweet is he?

The Observer arrived right before the meal was served. I think he was worried that I would be uncomfortable, but I have been around long enough to know people. We sat with the Observer's cousins and their children. I love the cousin I sat beside. She's sweet but has her own mind - like me. The food was yummy. I ate like a horse. The entree included sweet potato, which is not customary at Italian weddings. The change was refreshing. The Observer's favourite cousin travelled from New York and the Observer loved seeing him. Those times make huge gatherings of family matter.

Once I got home, I called my best friend. I've been meaning to call since learning her mother was in hospital. My friend sounded so drained and worried. Her mother's troubles are still undiagnosed. I tried to listen and be encouraging, but I wish I could make it all better. My friend said I sounded tired. She was right, but unlike her exhaustion, mine was happy tired. I hung up grateful to be fatigued from too much fun, and not stress. I wish my friend and I could trade places just for a day. She needs a break. My shoulders are broad. I can carry a heavier load, especially for my best friend.


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