Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's not every day...

Well, the Observer's niece or nephew is on the way! I'm excited for everyone. The baby's gender is a surprise for the whole family. First my prediction was for a boy, but when I saw the Observer's sister-in-law last week, she looked more like she was carrying a girl. The Observer and most of his family think that a boy will be joining their clan. We'll know in a little while. At a family function last weekend, I put my name in a baby pool guessing the sex and birth date of the baby. I guessed that a girl would be born on May 3rd (tomorrow). Logic tells me that the baby will arrive today, but it's not like I'm speaking from experience. Hopefully the baby will be born today. A swift delivery is best for both mother and baby - or so I am told. As promised, the Observer called me as soon as he heard the news, which made my day. It's a special feeling to be around for a baby's birth from seed to a live, crying, beautiful little person. The Observer and I had been dating for six months when his first niece was born. It was a rainy Tuesday in November. My phone ran at seven 'o'clock and I heard the Observer's excited and tearful, "She's here! She's here!" I cried too.

Today the sky is gray and I felt a few raindrops. Spring is here. I went to McDonald's at ten 'o'clock this morning and got a free coffee as a part of their promotion of a new brew. The free coffee deal has been in around for two weeks, but I have woken up past standard breakfast hours before today. I asked my attendant as soon as she came through the door if she could have me ready in an hour.

"Do you have somewhere to go?" she asked.
"You could say so," I said with a smile.

A visit to a coffee shop isn't an appointment, but it's a place where good things happen. A weekend in the city where anything is free is bound to be busy. I thought the line-up would be out the door, but it was quite. By the time I left, McDonald's was getting busier, even though breakfast hours were over. Free coffee isn't worth the same to everybody, I guess. The coffee itself was OK. Since it was free, how can I complain?

I won't forgot today. Free coffee isn't available every day. More important, it's not every day that the Observer gets a new niece or nephew.


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