Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Latte drinking old lady...

Today is another sunny day. I am happy. Last night I was exhausted. My attendant could tell that I was sleepy as she was getting me ready for bed. Sometimes I feel guilty when the attendants working nights get me all comfortable and snuggled into bed. When I'm very tired and all cozy under my covers, it's obvious. The fact that they do such a good job of getting me tucked in when they have to stay up all night seems unfair. Someone has to work nights though, right?

I ordered a latte from Starbucks yesterday. Feeling really tired and needing something sweet, I thought there was a good chance it would satisfy my sweet tooth and give me an energy boast. There were lots of different flavours, but I choose to go with an original latte. I was surprised at how hot the beverage was. I think this is because the milk is hot espresso is steamed. The latte was soothing, but I probably wouldn't order one again. Personally, I think lattes are over-rated. They taste more like hot milk than coffee. I like my coffee strong. I don't see the point of drinking it weak. Maybe I need to be in the right mood for fancy coffee. A latte might taste better if my stomach is upset and I can't handle strong coffee. Since espresso based coffees are more expensive, I understand now that I need to be in the mood for a milder, sophisticated taste. There is a time for everything - including coffee.

On the way to visit my family a few days ago, I took the bus with an acquaintance I have know for years. We grew up in the same community. She is friendly, but I have little in common with her and would not call her a friend. The girl has a slightly annoying tone and takes to me as though having known me for a while automatically makes us friends. Knowing a person for a while doesn't automatically mean we are connected - at least not in my books. She has weird ways and her personal life seems mixed up. All of these things made me decide to remove her from my Facebook friends. If I never plan on talking to the girl, what's the point of having her on my list? During our trip, she said she couldn't find me on Facebook. My name and photo is made private and can't be found during searches. I told her my computer hadn't been working and I never really bothered to set Facebook up again. It's true. My computer was down, but it works now. I don't go on Facebook as I used to - preferring to spend time writing personal e-mails or blogs. I didn't tell a total lie, but I didn't stretch the truth a bit.

There was an older lady on the same bus. Every five minutes, she would ask myself or my acquaintance where we were going. Stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and behind schedule, we were going nowhere fast. The older woman began repeatedly asking the bus driver when she would be dropped off. She said she wasn't feeling well.

Frustrated, the driver asked, "Do you need an ambulance?" The woman said no and that she wanted to go home.

"I haven't been stopping for coffee and I'm doing the doing the best I can. Let me know if you need an ambulance," answered the driver.

Looking at the frail woman, I felt for her. We've all been sick. It's awful. Being sick while travelling when we must keep going really sucks. As we pulled into her nursing home, I smiled and said, "You made it! You're home!" She didn't say anything.

Once the woman was off the bus, my acquaintance said she felt for the driver who could do little stuck in driver. I felt for both the woman and bus driver.

"Fifty years from now, we could be sick on a bus impatient to get home," I said to the acquittance," she nodded. Maybe by that time, my taste for strong coffee will have changed and I'll be drinking lattes every day. I have a long way to go.


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