Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love in digital....

Well, May 2-4 long weekend has come and gone quickly. Long weekends often seem shorter. Maybe it's because we are expecting them to feel long. My parents came to visit me yesterday. On Mondays, I sleep in late. When the phone rang just before I was due to get out of bed, I almost didn't answer, but something told me I should. I'm glad I did. It was Mom calling to say she and Dad were on their way to my apartment to drop off laundry. When my attendant walked into my apartment, I gave her a heads up that Mom and Dad were on their way. We were finishing up drying my hair when there was a knock at the door. I felt bad for my attendant who had to rush. After introducing her to my parents, they seemed to enjoy chatting. Mom finished drying my hair when Dad dissembled my end table. A few weeks ago, I accidentally knocked off a table leg, so the table was a bit off balance. Dad put it in the closet until he can find another leg. Without the end table, there is much more room in my apartment, but now it almost looks too empty. For Christmas, I got a digital picture frame from Mom and Dad. Since I had a lot of presents to bring home after the holidays. I held off taking the picture frame because I knew that it needed to be set up. Dad brought it and set it up in my sun room. He organized the pictures to include just the right mix of family and the Observer. It meant so much to me that Dad took the time to think about what pictures I would want on the frame. I loved watching them all. The Observer commented that the frame is a good reminder of home. He's right. The digital picture frame includes everybody and everything that matters to me.

The Observer came over later and we went to the Pickle Barrel. Before we left for dinner, I was very hungry, so I ate salmon Mom left in the fridge. Once at the restaurant, I wasn't too hungry, but I still ordered a warm spinach salad. It was yummy and I wasn't overstuffed. The Observer had mini hamburgers as a starter and beef with rice and buck choy as an entree. The soy sauce in his entree stained his mouth, which made me smile. The weather was a bit cool, but still enjoyable. Our waitress was very sweet. A kind waitress has as much or more of an impact than the food when it comes to an overall dinning experience if you ask me. We went to Starbucks and an off duty coffee server kindly helped us out.

I hope the Observer is happy in our relationship. Lately I am wondering if he would rather be friends and that he is afraid of hurting me. He said he feels like we are stuck. Hearing that makes me sad. I love the Observer. We have such fun together. Imaging things changing between us is very painful. The Observer is my best friend and the middle of my life. All I have to do is turn on my digital picture frame to know that. Since I do love him, I want him to be happy. When it comes down to it, love is wanting the other person to be happy.


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