Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Naughty shopping on sunny city streets...

I took advantage of today's beautiful weather and wandered around the city for the afternoon. My sister's bachelorette party is on Saturday, so I wanted to pick up a few fun and naughty favours and games. I stopped into The Stag Shop on Younge and bought some dirty straws, a keepsake book, and a "How Well Do You Know The Bride Game?" We probably won't use everything, but at least it's there. Being in a store where shoppers must be at least eighteen years of age was a new, embarrassing experience for me, but I did it for my sister. I asked the owner what games and toys are currently popular, so she gave me suggestions. Part of me thinks that she ripped me off because she said there was a "buy three items, get the third one free" deal. I bought four items and nothing appeared free on my bill. When I tried to return one game, she told me there was a "no return policy." My mistake was not inquiring about returns before buying the things I did. Oh sister is only going to be married once, so it's unlikely that I'll have a need to venture into that store again.

As I left with my naughty purchases, I had a craving for frozen yogurt. I tried green tea flavour. It was a pretty sage green colour. The taste was slightly bittersweet and refreshing with a hint of vanilla. The employees were helpful. Eating my frozen yogurt took so long, but I enjoyed every bite. I could never order a large cup, because the yogurt would melt before I finished. After the experience in the Stag Shop, I needed to cool off.


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