Thursday, May 14, 2009

A not-so-great night turned around...

Last night was not my best. By afternoon I felt yucky, tired and out of sorts. My energy was depleting. July 11th is my sister's wedding, so I spent some time looking at bridesmaid dresses online. There were lots of choices and many I liked. I am relieved. It's better to have too much to chose from than too little, right? The style of dress that I wore for my brother's wedding made me feel very pretty, so I'll probably go with a similar type. It's not often that I feel beautiful, but when I do, I don't forget it. My sister wants the bridesmaid dresses to be black and white. She's all about classic looks. Being classy herself, this only makes sense. Her wedding will be a bright spot in the summer.

After dinner I was craving an apple. I had bought a huge, premium, imported, juicy red one the night before. It was juicy and delicious. The price was $1.50, but it was worth every penny. Since it had been so good, I wanted to buy another apple for dessert. Going back to the same market, I saw the same cashier from the previous night. This time, however, I went with a golden delicious apple. It cost half the price of the first apple and was half as delicious. We get what we pay for, I guess.

Coming home and needing cheering up, I turned on Oprah watched her show featuring Dane Cook, Monique, and George Lopez. Since all three are comedians, they did make me laugh, especially George Lopez. The guy reminds me of my Dad, which puts him in a stellar league. Right before bed, my body gave me trouble and my wheelchair stopped working. My attendant was very understanding, but I still felt awful. Knowing I needed a functioning wheelchair in order to head home today, I was worried. I couldn't sleep. The Observer called at one 'o'clock. I thought something was wrong. He gave me his expert ear and was empathetic. I knew he understood my frustration. Though I was not happy, I'm glad his voice was the last I heard for the night.

The repairmen came today. I'm moving and fixed up. He was kind. I said, "Thank you sir" and he said that if I didn't call him by his name, I'd be stuck with a busted wheelchair. I smiled. I am grateful that he rescued me early on. Sitting in one place is no fun. Mom had an invasive heart exam today. She won't know the results for weeks, but my fingers are crossed. Exhausted, I am glad to be going home. It's sweeter than an apple any day.


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