Tuesday, May 05, 2009

OCG needs coffee...

I need a coffee. My head feels fuzzy. It's beautiful outside, even though now it looks like it might rain. We can't have perfect weather. There has to be a bit of contrast so we appreciate the good. Don't you think? Today I wheeled to a doctor's appointment. It wasn't exactly across the pond, but being a beautiful day made the trek enjoyable.

I miss my Mom. Hearing her voice over the phone today made me homesick. It's been a while since I've seen the Observer. I miss him too.

This morning I evaluated a few of my attendants with the manager. I gave mostly positive feedback for all of them because I felt that's what they deserved. Some are different and annoying, but all that really counts is that they step up to the plate when I really need them and all of them have. The true taste of character is how we respond to those in their most vulnerable state, I think.

I am going to get coffee so that I can function. If I don't, soon I won't be responding to anyone.


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