Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring and stomach troubles...

The weather outside is sunny and spring like. The streets are filled with people hanging out. It's sweet. My stomach is upset right now. It's making gurgling, angry noises. I needed my digestive system to start working. Well, now it has, and here I am complaining. Being happy and content often means we are balanced and my stomach operates in extremes. My discomfort follows a distinctive pattern, so at least I know what to expect. Health surprises aren't always welcome.

I am sad that I had to cancel plans to hang out with the Observer tomorrow. Knowing the usual pattern my stomach follows, I had a hunch that going out probably wouldn't be smart. As much as I'd love to see the Observer, being away from home and physically not being able to get to a toilet is not fun. With repeated horrible experiences, I have learned to avoid any chances this may happen. Sometimes I miss out on dates, but what can I do? Life's not fair and nature doesn't call me all that often. When it does, I must honour it, or there's trouble....Hopefully nature will give me a break tomorrow. Then again, I'll be a bit frustrated if I feel great because I'll have missed an opportunity to see the Observer. A girl can't have it all, can she?


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